Monday, August 13, 2007

Sheraton Bloomington Hotel in Minneapolis, MN

A few weekends ago, we went to Minneapolis for a family reunion. We stayed at the Sheraton in Bloomington, MN. The price was extremely reasonable the weekend we were there. It was right off 494 so it was only 10 minutes to Minneapolis for the reunion, but more importantly IKEA and Mall of America.

The hotel was full of families attending a conference. Yet it was fairly quiet in the rooms. When you opened the door there was always someone crying, yelling, or running up and down the hallway, but inside our room, you couldn't hear anything unless they were right outside. We did hear a girl crying a little bit, but it was so quiet that if we didn't have super parent-of-a-baby hearing, we probably wouldn't have noticed.

We were supposed to have a crib, but when we asked they told us "rooms are reserved, not cribs". We had a Pack and Play with us so it wasn't a big deal, but it might have been for someone else who was traveling lighter.

A hotel's pool comes in a really close second to not hearing every little thing that your neighbor does there. The pool was a good size and accommodated the large number of kids swimming and jumping in the pool. There weren't any steps so our three year old daughter couldn't get out of the pool easily and getting in to take a baby for a dip it out of the question since it would be really hard to climb up and down the ladder and hold them. The pool area tile was also super slippery.

The hot tub was really generous and there had to have been twenty people in there at one point. It was easier to get in and out of carrying a child and our daughter could get out herself if she needed to.

There was also a small Little Tikes playset area for smaller children near the pool if they didn't want to get wet or you have to motivate them to get out of the water.

There was a restaurant, bar, and a TGIF nearby, but it didn't seem like much else to walk to.

Overall, the rooms were good size and the staff was extremely nice. The pool was alright, but for taking a dip with smaller children go to the hot tub. There is a lot to do nearby if you drive.

Sheraton Bloomington Hotel Minneapolis South
7800 Normandale Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55439
(952) 835-7800

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