Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chuck E Cheese's in Madison, WI

Chuck E. Cheese only slightly resembles the Chuck E. Cheese pizza parlors from the early 80's arcade era. The singing robots are still there as well as the ticket dispensing Skee Ball machines. The video games are for younger children. They still cost only one token (each token costs 25 cents or less) to play and they all dispense tickets now. The tickets can be traded in for prizes at the counter. Another big difference from 20 years ago is that there is a large climbing structure and a smaller one for toddlers so they can burn off some calories after eating pizza. There are also rides besides the games and play structure.

We were there for a birthday party. Each guest received tokens to play, pizza, drinks, and cake. At the end of the party the kids also received a goody bag full of small toys, candy, stickers, and a coupon for 10 free tokens.

It was a great way to spend and afternoon during the middle of winter. They got to run around, play games, and win prizes. Everyone took a long nap when we got home.

Chuck E Cheese's
438 Grand Canyon Dr
Madison, WI 53719
(608) 829-2659

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